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by - March 30, 2017

Hi there, ya'll! =)
Apparently the weather didn't get the memo about it being Spring now -_- ...On the bright side, I get to wear scarves and wool hats a little longer before it gets too hot!

Every year at Springtime, I like to do some things to change up my life.  Not a big change, just little ways to switch things up and feel refreshed...mainly in my personal appearance, but also in other aspects of my life.  For example, last year, I changed up my everyday makeup a bit by switching from brown eyeliner to liquid black, and, even though I doubt anyone but my mom noticed, it made me feel like I had a makeover!  I also started wearing lipstick (which was a HUGE change for me because before I never wore anything on my lips besides tinted lip balm) and I still am not sure how I lived so many years without realizing how important lipstick should be to every woman XD.  Besides changes appearance wise, I also made an effort to start reading more than I had before, specifically informational books, and to write more letters.  I guess you could say my New Year's Resolutions are made in March instead of January ;P...This year, I've decided to try my hand at growing flowers and herbs in pots to decorate our porch and kitchen, and to learn about interior design so I can redecorate our home as best (and inexpensively) as I can.  As far as appearance goes, I'm thinking I might experiment a bit with different eye shadow looks, and I also want to start incorporating more blazers and dresses into my wardrobe.  As Christians (and as a Catholic, personally) we are supposed to be always growing and moving forward, never stopping or becoming stagnant in any area of our lives, and this is the best way I have found of keeping myself in a perpetual state of improving. =)   


  • introducing friends to Sheil Silverstein's poetry, and trying to see who could read the furthest without collapsing into fits of laughter
  • taking nearly a month to finish a one hour and forty-five minute long movie my friend let me borrow 
  • my little brother's comment on reading spoilers for "Downton Abbey": "If you're just going to kill all my favorite characters, why even make the show in the first place?!" XD
  • searching for a pair of brown shoes to wear this summer for nearly three months, and finally having to admit to myself that I may be a very picky person
  • being unable to focus on doing anything because my brother is watching "Lobster Bisque" in the same room
  • cracking my phone screen
  • my favorite sandals giving my feet blisters


  • finding a whole new collection of delicious looking recipes on Pinterest to try
  • researching budget-friendly ways to re-decorate our home
  • our new Nutri-Bullet...it makes my coffee SO FROTHY
  • a thrift store I was shopping at closed an hour earlier than I thought it would, and I didn't have time to try on the clothes I'd picked out, so I just said a prayer they'd fit and bought them anyway....When I got home and tried them on THEY ALL FIT PERFECTLY =D
  • this article...there are a few things I disagreed with (some Protestant errors) but overall it was a very well written article about lies of feminism
  • wildflowers and dogwood trees blooming everywhere
  • my rose bushes surviving the winter(!)
  • early morning Mass with my brother 
  • my favorite coffee shop hiring a new barista, who happens to make THE BEST caramel frappe-chinos I have ever tasted

//Outfit Details//
Cardigan: Thrift Store/Old Navy Brand
Camisole: Forever 21/$1.00
Maxi Skirt: Thrift Store
Sandals: J.Cole's Shoes/Old
Earrings: Amazon/Old
Diamond Necklace: Gift

I hope you are having a wonderful week! =)

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