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Hi there! I'm Maddi, the authoress of Short and Sweet Style...

When I read a blog, I always go to the "About" page to see how much I can learn about the author of the blog I am enjoying.  Somehow learning a few facts about the person whose writing I'm reading makes me feel as if I know them and can relate to their words more.  With that being said, there are few things I dislike more than writing about myself, but I know from experience how important it is to at least introduce yourself to your readers, so I'll share a little bit about myself and my modesty journey with you all...=)

I am the third of five children ("Maddi In the Middle"), and the only girl out of the bunch.  I live at home with my parents and younger brothers on a small farm in the hills of Oklahoma, where we are trying to live a more simple and God-centered lifestyle.  I didn't always dress modestly; I had never even heard the word "modesty" until I was twelve years old and my parents decided it was time to take a step back and look at what was now considered acceptable for women and girls to wear, and whether or not it was acceptable in the eyes of Our Lord.  The result was a complete and utter wardrobe change for my mom and I.  I admit, at first I had no idea how to adjust to the changes and was repulsed at the idea of dressing differently than everyone else, but this was mainly due to the fact that I had a rather distorted view of what modesty was; to me the word was synonymous with ugly, old-fashioned, and confining.  After a few years of struggle, I came to understand how utterly wrong I was, but I could have been spared a lot of trouble if I would have had somewhere to look for inspiration and encouragement during those times.  Once I figured out how to dress in a way that flattered my personality and body, while still remaining modest, putting together outfits became one of my favorite things to do.  I started this blog because I want to help other girls and young women find inspiration for outfits that will make them look and feel beautiful and stylish, while giving their bodies the respect and dignity it deserves as a temple of the Holy Ghost.  By no means am I intending to hold myself up as an example of modesty or style; I have come a long ways down the modesty path and have found the styles I like to wear myself, but I know I have still a long ways to go.  This blog is merely meant to offer encouragement and inspiration for anyone who wants to accompany me on my modesty journey.  

I hope you find something on my blog to encourage you to dress in a more modest and stylish manner, or that I can at least put a smile on your face! Comments make me happy, so please leave me one telling me what you think of my little blog...God bless!

Maddi Elaine

This blog is dedicated to Our Lady, the Queen of Heaven, and the perfect model of modesty and feminine virtue.