Monday, June 26, 2017

| Sunday Style / Compliments |

Hi there, ya'll! =)
With all the sunshine, it's getting harder and harder to take decent pictures, I'm afraid.  Thank the Lord for Photoshop, or you wouldn't be able to see anything from all the glare XD.  I'm afraid I may have to find a new "photo spot" soon because my heels were sinking into the rocks the whole time we were taking pictures.  Maybe someplace with concrete instead of mud and gravel... ;P

Yesterday, at Mass, I received a beautiful compliment, out of the blue, from a sweet lady who I know.  It was even more special to me because I hardly ever talk with her, and she was just being impulsively thoughtful when she really didn't have to be.  There was no ulterior motive behind her remark, and there was no flattery; just a sweet comment meant to make me smile.  It made me think about how often I give compliments, and how sincere they are.  Flattery is very dangerous, and must be avoided, but at the same time we should compliment others on their true gifts.  Not just physical gifts, either, but on their talents, their personality, their virtues, etc.  If you see someone who has a lovely smile, tell them so! If you are impressed by someone's work or kindness, be sure to say something! You may be the only person who ever does, and if you can make another person smile, you are a wonderful human!  On the other hand, we should also strive to accept compliments gracefully, and not protest when someone says something kind about us.  It is not vanity to be happy that someone admired us, as long as we realize that all our gifts are just that; gifts from God. All the glory belongs to Him; when someone shows admiration for them, we should be grateful to Him for giving them to us and happy that His gifts are being admired.  I personally used to find it very difficult to accept compliments most of the time, because I would feel I didn't deserve whatever praise I was receiving.  Once I learned to accept the praise as being meant for the Artist and not the canvas (if you know what I mean), though, I found it much easier to be grateful and not deny or reject the other person's kindness.  Because in the end, that's what a compliment is; someone else wanting to be kind and make you smile.

Normally I'm not much of a green sort of gal, but I really love this particular shade! I have gotten so much use out of this cardigan; it was definitely worth the $2.50 I spent on it, ;P!  

//Outfit Details//
Dress: Thrifted/ Old
Cardigan: Salvation Army
Sandals: Goodwill
Jewelry: Charming Charlie (sold out now)

Tell me in the comments what you think about giving/receiving compliments!
Have a beautiful week! =) 

Monday, June 12, 2017

| Sunday Style / Trinity Sunday |

Hi there, ya'll! =)
Happy Trinity Sunday! We were blessed to be able to attend a Pontifical High Mass this Sunday, celebrated by His Excellency Bishop Conley of Nebraska, and it was so beautiful! Between the chanting of our monks, the music from the organ, and the smell of the incense, I felt like I was in Heaven already!

You may recognize this dress from a few Sundays back when I wore it here.  This weekend I decided to freshen the dress up a bit by converting it from a maxi dress to a midi dress, and taking it in a little. Now, I have a sort-of-pretty-much-new dress for Summer that will hopefully last me a few more years! I'm telling you, every girl should learn at least the basics of sewing.  It will help you in so many areas of life, and save you so much time and money!

In case you haven't noticed yet, I tend to wear blue A LOT.  I actually hadn't really noticed until I started this blog, but after spending a couple of hours a week taking and editing photos of my outfits, I find myself analyzing my clothing selections a lot more than I did before, and I've begun to notice patterns.  For example, I've noticed when I'm not feeling well, having a bad hair day, or am short on time, I always reach for something blue.  When I'm nervous or feel overwhelmed, I always reach for something black.  When I am feeling on top of the world, I'll wear something with bold patterns or put together an outfit I've never worn before.  This is probably because blue is my favorite color and seeing it makes me feel better instantly, black makes me feel more invisible, and wearing colors, patterns, or styles that I've never tried before feels exciting! Well, at least to me it is, haha ;P.  My point is that what we wear is often a reflection of how we feel, whether we intend it or not.  I find myself analyzing my friend's outfits and noticing patterns now (that's not creepy, is it? XD) as well.  If you pay attention to movies and TV shows, you can see how the stylists use the costumes of the characters to tell you about what kind of person they are and how they're feeling before they even say a word! As the character grows and changes, their wardrobe changes as well.  I've probably lost you all with my crazy interest in the science of outfits by now, but I just thought it was really interesting.  There are so many parts of us that we never even think about, but are so important to our unique personality! It never ceases to amaze me how truly unique each person really is!

//Outfit Details//
Dress: Made by me
Jacket: Originally from a thrift store, but I took it apart and remade it into a more flattering style
Shoes: J. Cole's/Old
Scarf: Gift

Hope you're all staying cool and taking care! What are your thoughts on "the science of outfits", as I like to call it? Do you notice any patterns in what you wear or what your friends wear?
Have a lovely week and God bless! =)

Monday, June 5, 2017

| Sunday Style / Pentecost |

Hi there. ya'll! =)
This Sunday I discovered something interesting; I do not own a single piece of red clothing.  Not. One.  It's a bit of a tradition to where I live to wear red on Pentecost Sunday, but I had to make do with pink this year.  It still counts, though, right? ;P

As you can see, it was pouring down raining for most of our Sunday, so I had to resort to taking outfit pictures on our porch.  On the bright side, ya'll get to see my new flower boxes! After weeks of trying to decide what color to paint them, what kind of wood to use, where to put them, etc. we finally got them hung on the windows and planted some petunias inside them. Next I'm going to add some morning glory, and hopefully some lavender later on...In case you haven't noticed yet, this girl loves flowers. ;) 

My favorite thing about this dress (apart from being pink and made of lace) is the cut.  There are few things more annoying than wearing a beautiful dress and having to spend the whole day worrying about it blowing up in the wind, trust me. =)

// Outfit Details //
Dress: Made (kind of) by me
Hat: Amazon (out of stock in this color, but they have others)
Shoes: J.Coles/ Old
Earrings: Charming Charlie's (out of stock)

I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Pentecost Sunday! =)

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

| Favorite Summer Dresses Roundup |

Hi there, ya'll! =)
For me, Summer is the time for wearing dresses.  In the colder months I tend to lean towards wearing more skirts, because they're easier to add layers to, but when it's one hundred plus degrees outside, nothing beats a light, cool, summery dress. Here's a little secret nobody ever tells you; not only do they make you look beautiful, they're even cooler than shorts! Plus you get to feel like a princess, so it's a win all around XD. Lately I've been looking for some new dresses to purchase this Summer, and I thought I 'd share my favorites with ya'll. 


The Elizabeth Dress
A girl can't go wrong with polka dots, in my humble opinion.  This dress just looks so classy, and could easily be dressed up or down for whatever occasion you wanted to wear it to.  Personally, I'd add some brightly colored accessories and shoes to make it a little more summery, and maybe a silk scarf. =)

There are few things that say "ladylike" more than a lace dress.  Lace just has this power to make a girl's heart beat faster, and when she wears it, she cannot help but feel like a princess.  Add some pearls, and she will be able to take on the world.

Neesee's Dresses

This is my favorite out of all the ones I've looked at.  It's an absolute dream of a light and airy, and just so feminine! I can't imagine a dress more perfect than this one.  I think I'm in love with this dress...

I'm definitely a Maxi dress kind of girl, especially in the Summer.  They just work for everything, from picnics, to beach days, to dinner at friend's homes...with the right accessories, they can even be appropriate for more formal events, like weddings.  This one would be adorable with a floppy straw hat and sandals.

I actually bought this dress a month or two ago and loved the style, but had ordered the wrong size and ended up exchanging it for different dress.  Now I wish I had just ordered a bigger size because the more I think about it, the more I realize how much I liked it.  So loose and comfy, the perfect length, and best of all, it has pockets, ya'll.  Not to mention the floral design is just so pretty! 

Which one of these was your favorite? Do you prefer dresses or skirts? 
Tell me in the comments, and have a blessed week! =)

Monday, May 29, 2017

| Sunday Style/Sandal Weather |

Hi there ya'll! =)
Last week my dad brought us home three fluffy little kittens.  You can't really tell in the pictures, but my arms and neck are covered in little scratch marks from being seen by them as something to climb on, as opposed to a human being XD.  As soon as I teach them how to tell the difference between arms and armchairs, though, I'm going to have to teach them not to eat headphones; they've already ruined one pair of mine.

This Sunday I wore my Florence Adam's dress again (what can I say, I'm IN LOVE with this dress), but instead of wearing my rose beaded necklace and earrings with like I normally do, I wore this gold and white set to make me feel less like I was wearing the same outfit over again.  It was a very small detail, and I doubt anyone noticed, but it made me feel better, haha.   

It felt so lovely to wear sandals this week! Between all the rain and unexpected cold spells, I've been having to stick to closed toe shoes all Spring.  On the downside, though, dainty heeled sandals are NOT the most practical footwear for where I live, as you can see.  As much as I love living in the country, I miss being able to wear whatever shoes I like without having to worry about whether we'll be flooded in or get a flat tire and have to walk back home.  Practicality often trumps vanity, I'm afraid, but sometimes I decide to risk it and wear something that has no real purpose except to look pretty. ;)  

//Outfit Details//
Dress: Florence Adams (sold out now, in stock here)
Sandals: Gift
Jewelry: Cato's/ Old

Hope you all have a beautiful Memorial Day! =)

Friday, May 19, 2017

| Awkward/ Awesome |

Hi there, ya'll! =)

How have you all been spending your week? Now that the rain has been slowing down, and we have more sunny days than stormy, we've finally been back to working on making our yard look beautiful.  My dad and brother finally hung my window boxes up for me, and I'm planning to plant some petunias (try saying that five times really fast ;P) in them this weekend, as well as various other flowers and vines.  And, of course, I have more rose bushes to plant around the house, because, in my opinion, one can never have too many roses.

I'd heard about Neesee's Dresses from several other bloggers over the last few months and scrolled through their website a few times looking for something to catch my eye and that I wouldn't feel guilty about purchasing full price (this girl does most of her shopping at thrift stores, and it is almost physically painful for me to pay full price now XD).  A few weeks ago, though, I was looking through their formal dresses, and absolutely fell. in. love. with one in particular.  I had a formal ball to attend later that week, so I purchased it immediately without feeling too guilty about it.  Unfortunately, though the dress shipped very quickly and I received it in time for the ball, it was just a little bit too small, so I wasn't able to wear it for the ball.  I was able to exchange it for the correct size, and decided to throw another, more casual, one in my cart as well.  In my original purchase, they included a coupon code for a free maxi dress when I spent a certain amount on their site, so I ended up with *three* new, pretty dresses =D.  Let me tell you, this girl is a happy lady right now.  I'll share a post about my new, bee-yu-tee-ful, formal dress in the coming weeks so ya'll can see it too :).


  • allergies
  • Mishka finding a centipede and apparently thinking I'd love it as a present
  • red nail polish that stains my feet and not just my nails
  • someone who was MAYBE three years older than me asking me if I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up #shortgirlproblems XD
  • my friend simply texting "ice cream" when he's trying to get my attention...and it working
  • getting my dad to watch "Once Upon A Time" with me.  Not his kind of show, apparently, haha
  • going to a swimming party right after Mass...I couldn't get my face wet because I didn't think to wash off my mascara beforehand XD
  • a terrific thunderstorm that knocked out all our power for about five hours


  • packages in the mail
  • new dresses from Neesee's Dresses (including one for free!)
  • birds singing outside my window every morning
  • our long driveway smelling like honeysuckles...I have no idea why, because I can't find any honeysuckles at all, but it smells sooooo lovely
  • playing hide and seek with a friend's little boy at the park
  • a little girl I know running up to give me a hug and see if I liked her dress as I was leaving Mass =)
  • a dear friend coming to spend the night with us as a surprise while we were in Texas

//Outfit Details//
Blouse: Thrift Store
Earrings: Cato's (old)
Shoes: Amazon

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend!
Tell me what was awkward or awesome about your week in the comments!
God bless...=)

Monday, May 15, 2017

| Sunday Style/ Obedience |

Hi there, ya'll! =)
I hope all of my readers who are mothers had a lovely Mother's Day weekend! Unfortunately I wasn't feeling very well yesterday and wasn't able to make a special dinner for my mother like I usually do, but my brothers pitched in to help her make dinner in my place.  We had spent our whole Saturday at the park with friends, so we all opted for a quiet, peaceful Mother's Day this year.

As we were leaving for Mass, my brother exclaimed "You look like you stepped right out of the fifties!" I hadn't planned on wearing a vintage inspired outfit, but when I glanced in the mirror I realized he was right, haha!  To top it off, I wore my Audrey Hepburn sunglasses after Mass, so I really looked the part.

A couple of weeks ago, I heard a sermon that I thought I'd share my thoughts about with you all.  During the sermon, the priest pointed out that in everything God has created, there is a natural order, there is always someone in charge and someone obeying.  In our world today, obedience is looked upon as meaning that the one obeying is less in worth or dignity than the one giving the order or request, when this is not the case at all.  For there to be peace and a productive outcome in pretty much any area of life, there must be someone, or something, obeying something else.  The military, the religious life, any kind of business, families...all of these completely fail in their purpose when there is no obedience.  Today I'd like to talk about obedience in families because it is such an important problem right now.  Firstly, I'd like to point out there is a difference between voluntary obedience and slavery, but the lines have been intentionally blurred now so that we can hardly tell the difference between them.  I'd also like to mention that the virtue of obedience only requires you to obey as far as the person giving the command has authority to command you.  NO ONE can command you to sin, or to do something against your conscience, no matter who they are.
Thanks to the feminists of the last couple of centuries, most women are appalled and disgusted at the idea of obeying their husbands and respecting them as the head of the home.  They visualize living in servitude, with no rights, while their husbands may do as they please with no responsibilities, which is precisely what the devil wants them to think.  Obedience is a wonderful and holy virtue that was so prized by Our Lord that He spent His entire life living in obedience to His Mother, Our Lady.  There is absolutely no question as to whether Our Lord was inferior in any way whatsoever to Our Lady, but He still willingly submitted Himself to her God-given authority as His mother, even asking her permission before He began His Passion, and according to several saints, if she had withheld her permission, He would not have gone through with it.  Our Lady too, was far higher in dignity and sanctity than her husband, St. Joseph, but she obeyed him and trusted him as the head of their family regardless.  It was a refusal to obey authority that turned the angels into devils, and it was also a refusal to obey that caused our first parents to bring sin into our world.  With our fallen nature, obedience is difficult for us because we like having our own way, and this is how it helps us become saints.  By intentionally giving up our own wills and desires, we are growing in grace and virtue.  Men are called by God to be the leaders and protectors of the family, while women are given the task of supporting and helping them, as well as bearing and raising children.  We were all created specifically for these roles. despite all that the feminists and Marxists have done to try to convince us otherwise.  It is a well established fact that men are naturally better fighters and protectors, as well as more natural at taking charge in a situation, while women are natural caregivers and homemakers.  You can hand a man a baby and, nine times out of ten, he won't know what to do with it, but hand the same baby to a woman (or even a girl as young as nine years old, in my experience) and she will instantly know how to hold and and calm it because of her natural mothering instincts.  (This is one of the many reasons abortion is such a horrendous evil; it goes against a mother's most basic and important instinct to protect and nurture every child, especially her own, when she murders her unborn baby in the cruelest way possible.) For a woman to care for her children and run her home smoothly, she needs to be sure that she and her children will be safe and protected from whatever evils or difficulties that may come their way, and a good wife will trust her husband to do this.  For a man to protect and preserve his wife and children, he needs to know that they will respect his authority and trust him when he makes decisions.  If the husband and wife do not cooperate in this way, the family is in chaos.  The wife does not trust her husband enough to let him make the decisions for their family, the husband cannot lead the family without his wife's support, the children see the lack of unity and most of the time take advantage it by refusing to obey as well, and the home breaks apart. In Catholic marriages, one of the vows the woman makes is to obey her husband and trust him, and it's a very important vow for her to remember and keep.  Every family is like a small kingdom, and no kingdom can survive long when the queen does not support her king.  With this being said, obeying your husband does not mean you have no say in the decisions he makes: as his wife one of your jobs is to help him in making wise decisions, but to respect whatever is his final say. And it is the man's duty to see that he is not a tyrant, and makes sure his decisions are what is best for his family.  When husbands and wives live in this manner, in obedience to God's design for the family, not only their family, but all of society is benefited by it.

//Outfit Details//
Blouse: Goodwill
Camisole: ThredUp
Skirt: Consignment Store/$2.50
Shoes: The Shoe Dept./Old
Scarf: Gift
Earrings: Charming Charlie (I believe they're sold out now)

I hope you all have a blessed and beautiful week!
Tell me what your thoughts on obedience are in the comments! God bless...=)

Monday, May 1, 2017

| Sunday Style/ Stripes and Prints |

Hi there, ya'll! =)
Every year around this time the heavens open up and we get flooded in, without a way to leave the neighborhood. This year, the rains were so torrential we were unable to even leave our driveway! 

Luckily we have a suburban and were able to make it to Mass on Sunday, and the rains finally stopped later that night =).  Now we're all enjoying the beautiful. sunny days that always follow the yearly "deluge", along with all the new flowers blooming everywhere.

I've never tried mixing patterns before, but this week I thought I'd try a little bit of a mix to see how I liked it.  I ended up loving the stripes with the flower pattern, especially since it all matched my new purse from Charming Charlie so well =).

//Outfit Details//
Cardigan: Thrift Store
Skirt: Thrift Store
Purse: Charming Charlie ( I believe it's sold out now =(...)  

I hope you all have a blessed and peaceful week!
Tell me what your favorite patterns to mix together are (and how your weekend was!) in the comments! =)
God bless!

Monday, April 24, 2017

| Sunday Style/Low Sunday |

Hi there, ya'll! =)
I hope you all had a lovely Sunday; I know I did! Some dear friends invited my family and I over for an evening of visiting and enjoying the beautiful weather, and, between the pink champagne, chocolate truffles, and several rounds of Scattergories, it was a perfect way to catch up and enjoy the many blessings we have.  The best friendships are the ones where you can have deep conversations one minute, and be silly the next, and that is definitely what our friendship is. =)  

As can you probably tell from the pictures, it was a rather blustery Sunday, haha.  My hat nearly blew off a few times, but I didn't mind.  This hat has become one of my favorite accessories, and I can't get enough of the way the brim turns up.  It just...makes me happy =).  It's a girl thing, I guess... ;P

//Outfit Details//
Dress: Made by me
Cardigan: Thrift Store
Shoes: J.Cole's/Old
Scarf: Gift
Hat: Amazon
Earrings: Lulu's/Old

I hope you all have a wonderful week!
Tell me how you spent your Sunday in the comments...=)

Monday, April 17, 2017

| Sunday Style/Easter Sunday |

Happy Easter!!! He is risen!
I hope you all had a blessed and happy Easter Sunday! I was in bed with a horrible allergy attack for Good Friday and Holy Saturday, so I missed most of the Tridium, but I was able to make it to Mass on Easter Sunday, at least. =)


My mom bought this hat for herself a few weeks ago, but she didn't care for the color, so I ended up getting it.  By sheer coincidence, it matched my new dress from Florence Adams PERFECTLY.  I love the way the brim turns up just enough to be cute without looking too outlandish...My brother says it looks like something Lady Sybil would wear in "Downton Abbey". XD

It was a good thing I had a hat to wear, because Easter morning we had a glorious thunderstorm and pouring rain until right before Mass began.  I had curled my hair, but the rain soon took care of that XD.  As soon as Mass started, though, the clouds cleared and the sun came was so beautiful, and perfect for Easter! 

//Outfit Details//
Dress: Florence Adams
Hat: Amazon (sold out in this color but other colors are still available)
Shoes: Goodwill

I hope you all have a blessed Easter Week!
God bless! =)

Monday, April 10, 2017

| Sunday Style | Why I Only Wear Dresses/Skirts |

Hi there. ya'll! =)
Those who knew about my desperate search for new shoes, you may rest easy now, knowing that I have finally found the perfect pair of black shoes.  This is the first time I have ever owned a pair of "pointed toe" shoes, and I am absolutely in love with how they look! My friends have been teasing me about them for the past couple of weeks (they say they're so pointed they can double as weapons of self defense XD), but I don't think I'll ever go back to rounded toe shoes again.  I just adore the bows on this pair...It softens the look and makes them so much more feminine and pretty.  These come in a few different colors and were decently priced, so I'll probably try to grab a few more pairs before summer :).

By now you've probably noticed that I pretty much always wear skirts or dresses, as opposed to pants or shorts, and today I thought I'd share my reasons for this with you all.  I'd like to clarify beforehand that I do not consider it a sin for women to wear pants, if they aren't too tight or revealing.  I've seen many women style their jeans in modest ways that I found to be really creative, and I think that it's really up to each woman to decide whether or not she wears pants or a skirt.  This post is not meant to point any fingers or make anyone feel uncomfortable; everyone has their own views and opinions and I am merely sharing my own on this subject. I personally choose to wear skirts and dresses because, first of all, I feel they look more feminine and encourage a woman to behave in more ladylike manner. while jeans tend to encourage a woman to be less aware how she is moving, sitting, etc.  There's something about wearing a dress or skirt that makes women of any age feel like a lady, and she almost subconsciously begins to act more like a lady the more often she dresses like one.  More women acting like ladies certainly won't hurt our world, and would be a wonderful improvement, to be honest.

Another reason I wear dresses and skirts is because I prefer looking more feminine and dressed up when I am going somewhere.  We live in a world of sweat pants, hoodies, messy hair, and almost no care is given to what kind of image we are presenting.  As women (this goes for men too, but this post is intended for women and girls), when we go out in public we are representing, not only ourselves, but our families, our religion, and our society.  When we look like we just rolled out of bed, what kind of message are we sending? That we really don't feel ourselves to be deserving of any respect, or that we don't care enough about what people will think of our families when they see us looking sloppy? On the other hand, when we look put together, feminine, and like we put at least a little effort into our appearance, we send a much different message to all that see us.  One also has to consider why it became popular for women to begin wearing what was once considered men's clothing in the first place. In bygone days, women wore skirts and dresses, and men wore trousers.  If a woman had to do a man's work (for example, running a farm, repairing her home, or something else that would be difficult or dangerous to do in a skirt) she would wear a man's clothes to make it simpler and safer to do.  The only women who wore pants in public or as everyday apparel were feminists who wanted to make a point that they could act and look just like a man.  As feminism became more popular and took over our country, more and more women joined in on the trend of dressing like men because they felt it "liberated" them from the so-called "oppressive" life they'd had before.  Celebrities and women in positions of respect began pushing the agenda that wearing a skirt or dress was outdated and a way of oppressing women, and, sadly, women listened and believed them.  Now, as a result, femininity and womanhood are looked down upon and flat out attacked on every side.  We should be showing how beautiful femininity truly is by our appearance and behavior as often as possible to combat this false mentality! Most young girls today have no idea what femininity even looks like anymore because these days, according to the media and Hollywood, wearing skirts and dresses make you either a Regina George or an Elle Woods, and wearing jeans and shorts make you an empowered, intelligent, human being (not a woman, mind you, because that would be supposing your gender).  When skirts are worn, they must be as short as possible to avoid being frowned upon, and by no means are you to let it make you feel like a woman, because that's a symptom of being oppressed.  Is it any wonder that there is so much "gender confusion" among children now, when there is no clear line drawn between the genders? Girls can wear boy's clothes, and boys can wear girl's clothes, and it makes no difference.  Obviously I'm not saying this is the only reason we have all the gender confusion now, but I do believe it is a big part of the problem.  As women, it is our job to turn civilization back on the right track by our example.  Most women don't want to hear this nowadays, but we have a lot of influence over men, and have a responsibility to make the society we live in a good one.  Men have a responsibility to do their part, too, but it is a well known fact that the morality of a society depends almost completely on the morality of the women who live in it.  We shape the future generations, we influence the men around us for better or worse, and we are the visible representation of what our families, country, and church believe.  Whether we like it or not, we cannot change this fact; it is the way God made us.

I hope I was able to explain this in a way that helps you see why dressing in a feminine way is something beautiful, and didn't just make you yawn with how long this post was ;P.  This is an issue I feel very strongly about, and is one of the main reasons I started this blog.  I hope I can show other women and girls that it really is very easy to wear skirts and dresses, and that they don't restrict you from doing anything that you would normally do in jeans.  I haven't really worn pants since I was twelve years old, and have yet to find anything I cannot do in a skirt.  It's just a matter of wearing the right kind of skirt for whatever it is you want to do.  Anyways, I hope this post will encourage you to at least think about adding some skirts and dresses to your closet. ;)

//Outfit Details//
Blouse: Magically appeared in my closet; I have NO IDEA where it came from XD
Skirt: Thrift Store
Shoes: Amazon/$38.99

Have a wonderful week! =)
Tell me what your views on wearing skirts and dresses are in the comments...
God bless!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

| Awkward/ Awesome | Avoiding Boredom |

Hi there, ya'll! =)
This week I decided to work on a plan to combat boredom.  Since I live at home and work for the family business, I often have to actively work to find productive things to do to fill the hours.  Housework, cooking, and teaching my brother only take up a portion of my day, so if I don't find other things to occupy myself with, I tend to become bored and just waste the precious hours away.  So, I decided this week I would work on a list of things I can do to be more productive and make my life more enjoyable...

At the top of my list for this week was de-cluttering and re-thinking my closet...and this will probably keep me busy for a few weeks, to be honest XD. I've already donated a box full of clothes that I didn't wear/need anymore, but I still have a ways to go before my closet is in any sort of shape whatsoever.  It's the main drawback to shopping at thrift stores, ya'll; you don't feel guilty about buying a ton of clothes because you get them for such great prices, but before you know it, you have a major closet catastrophe on your hands.

Another item on my list is to work on finding ways to add little details to my life, just to improve my life in general.  Using my essential oil diffuser, being more creative with how I prepare and serve food, practicing on the piano more often, going on walks with friends, working on improving my photography skills, picking flowers for the house, making cards and stationary, etc...there are so many tiny things that can make life more beautiful when you think about it.  Plus, it will be good practice for when I have a home of my own. :) 


  • catching a twenty-four hour flu.
  • giving Mishka a bath...she splashed soapy water all over me and then wouldn't sit with me for over an hour because baths always put her in a bad mood.
  • learning that this year the community Easter party will include an outdoor pig roast, with a spit and everything XD. 
  • every night when I would wash our NutriBullet, I'd leave the lid off so it wouldn't get a musty smell.  After I would go to bed, my dad would put the lid back on. In the morning, I would have to re-wash it to get rid of the smell. And so it went on for weeks, until we finally figured out what was going on and agreed to leave the lid off. XD
  • sending my dad to pick up as many trailer-fulls of mulch as possible because I AM DETERMINED TO HAVE GRASS IN OUR YARD NEXT YEAR. XD
  • my little brother teaching his computer to talk to him and answer questions...It's starting to really freak me out, honestly.
  • My brother remarking that the outfit I'm wearing in this post makes me look like a librarian... XD


  • getting about three-fourths of all my birthday gift shopping done at once (I had coupons XD).
  • sprinkling Lavender Oil on freshly laundered sheets...the faint scent of lavender in your bedroom just makes going to bed so much more enjoyable. 
  •  using sparkling water instead of plain water in my morning lemon drink...I'm never going back to plain water, ya'll, that extra little bit of bubblyness is necessary.
  • a local business giving us several wooden pallets for free.  I'm planning to turn them into shelves and flower boxes to decorate our living room and porch...
  • Easter Sunday being right around the corner =D
  • picking up a book called "The Only 127 Things You Need To Know" at the library...and realizing I already know all of them. XD
  • song recommendations from friends...

//Outfit Details//
Blouse: Consignment Store (I am IN LOVE with this blouse! The details, the soft fabric, the way it goes with everything...)
Cardigan: Thrift Store
Skirt: Thrift Store
Sandals: J. Cole's/Poetic License Brand
Earrings: Consignment Store

So, that's my goal for the next few weeks; to combat boredom and laziness by being creative and making life as interesting as possible.  I'll try to keep you all updated with how successful I end up being with this project, and if you have any suggestions for more ways of staying busy, please share them with me in the comments!
I hope you have a lovely weekend!
God bless...=)

Monday, April 3, 2017

| Sunday Style |

Hi there, ya'll! =)
Today's post is going to be a bit short, I'm afraid...This morning I woke up feeling really sick and was hardly able to get out of bed.  I'm very much afraid I have the flu, so if you could all say a prayer that this passes quickly, I'd really appreciate it. =)

These sandals I'm wearing have a bit of a significance for me...When I was about ten years old, my godmother/cousin gave them to me as a gift, and, though they were way to big for me, I fell in love with how elegant they looked.  I dreamed of the day when I would be grown up enough to wear them myself.  I've held onto them for all these years, and a month ago I discovered that they finally fit me perfectly! Every time I wear them now, I feel so ladylike and grown up...It's amazing how something like a pair of shoes can do that to you. XD

//Outfit Details//
Dress: Goodwill/ altered by me
Cardigan: Salvation Army/ Gap brand
Heels: Gift
Necklace and Earrings: Consignment Store
Flower Hair Clip: Charming Charlie/out of stock

I hope you're all staying safe and well wherever you are!
God bless, and have a wonderful Passion Week! =)

Thursday, March 30, 2017

| Awkward/ Awesome |

Hi there, ya'll! =)
Apparently the weather didn't get the memo about it being Spring now -_- ...On the bright side, I get to wear scarves and wool hats a little longer before it gets too hot!

Every year at Springtime, I like to do some things to change up my life.  Not a big change, just little ways to switch things up and feel refreshed...mainly in my personal appearance, but also in other aspects of my life.  For example, last year, I changed up my everyday makeup a bit by switching from brown eyeliner to liquid black, and, even though I doubt anyone but my mom noticed, it made me feel like I had a makeover!  I also started wearing lipstick (which was a HUGE change for me because before I never wore anything on my lips besides tinted lip balm) and I still am not sure how I lived so many years without realizing how important lipstick should be to every woman XD.  Besides changes appearance wise, I also made an effort to start reading more than I had before, specifically informational books, and to write more letters.  I guess you could say my New Year's Resolutions are made in March instead of January ;P...This year, I've decided to try my hand at growing flowers and herbs in pots to decorate our porch and kitchen, and to learn about interior design so I can redecorate our home as best (and inexpensively) as I can.  As far as appearance goes, I'm thinking I might experiment a bit with different eye shadow looks, and I also want to start incorporating more blazers and dresses into my wardrobe.  As Christians (and as a Catholic, personally) we are supposed to be always growing and moving forward, never stopping or becoming stagnant in any area of our lives, and this is the best way I have found of keeping myself in a perpetual state of improving. =)   


  • introducing friends to Sheil Silverstein's poetry, and trying to see who could read the furthest without collapsing into fits of laughter
  • taking nearly a month to finish a one hour and forty-five minute long movie my friend let me borrow 
  • my little brother's comment on reading spoilers for "Downton Abbey": "If you're just going to kill all my favorite characters, why even make the show in the first place?!" XD
  • searching for a pair of brown shoes to wear this summer for nearly three months, and finally having to admit to myself that I may be a very picky person
  • being unable to focus on doing anything because my brother is watching "Lobster Bisque" in the same room
  • cracking my phone screen
  • my favorite sandals giving my feet blisters


  • finding a whole new collection of delicious looking recipes on Pinterest to try
  • researching budget-friendly ways to re-decorate our home
  • our new makes my coffee SO FROTHY
  • a thrift store I was shopping at closed an hour earlier than I thought it would, and I didn't have time to try on the clothes I'd picked out, so I just said a prayer they'd fit and bought them anyway....When I got home and tried them on THEY ALL FIT PERFECTLY =D
  • this article...there are a few things I disagreed with (some Protestant errors) but overall it was a very well written article about lies of feminism
  • wildflowers and dogwood trees blooming everywhere
  • my rose bushes surviving the winter(!)
  • early morning Mass with my brother 
  • my favorite coffee shop hiring a new barista, who happens to make THE BEST caramel frappe-chinos I have ever tasted

//Outfit Details//
Cardigan: Thrift Store/Old Navy Brand
Camisole: Forever 21/$1.00
Maxi Skirt: Thrift Store
Sandals: J.Cole's Shoes/Old
Earrings: Amazon/Old
Diamond Necklace: Gift

I hope you are having a wonderful week! =)

Monday, March 27, 2017

| Sunday Style/ Laetare Sunday |

Hi there, ya'll! =)
This week was a busy one for my family, so I apologize for the lack of posts.  Last Sunday we had a couple of families over for dinner, drinks, and conversation to celebrate all the feast days that were last week, and then this recent weekend we ran a booth at the Claremore Home and Garden show...and of course we had all our normal day-to-day activities throughout the week.  Springtime is always the busiest time of year for us, but hopefully I'll be able to post more throughout the week soon.  I have some post ideas in mind that I think ya'll will enjoy, including some reviews for a few products I love! =D 

For me, Laetare Sunday is one of the loveliest Sundays out of the whole Liturgical year.  It's a sort of signal that we're getting close to Easter, and you can just feel the excitement growing throughtout the whole liturgy! The weather always seems to join in on the excitement as well, at least where I live; the flowers and trees start to bloom every year on this Sunday, no matter what actual date it happens to land on.  Nearly all the young women and girls were wearing pink or rose at Mass to match the altar cloths and the vestments worn by the priest, and it was such a beautiful sight to see.  I usually join in on this tradition as well, but I had just found this dress in the back of my closet on Saturday, and really wanted to wear it, so I really stood out this year ;P.

I made this dress years ago for Easter, and wore it all the time...that is, until the neckline stretched out and became to low for comfort or modesty (word of advice; when buying cotton knit material, spend a little extra to get better, more sturdy quality).  I didn't like the way it looked with a camisole underneath, but I didn't want to get rid of it, so it just sat in the back of my closet, waiting for the day it would be worn again.  On Saturday, while I was cleaning my closet, I found it and discovered it actually went REALLY well with my favorite scarf! The scarf fixed my neckline problem, as well as dressed up the...well, dress XD.  

//Outfit Details//
Dress: Made By Me
Cardigan: Thrift Store/ Old Navy Brand
Scarf: Gift
Heels: J.Cole's Shoes/Sofft Brand
Earrings: Gift 

I hope you're all having a lovely Monday so far! =)
What are some of your tips for making an outfit more modest?