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by - March 09, 2017

Hi there, ya'll! =)
I cannot believe it's Thursday already 0_0...it feels like it was Monday just yesterday! I'm not complaining, mind you; the weekend may come as quickly as it pleases ;P.


  • ordering two hats because I convinced myself I would only keep the one I liked best and return the other one.  Unfortunately, I now cannot decide which I like best and want to keep both -_-
  • having zero appetite for weeks, then becoming suddenly hungry everyday as soon Lent starts
  • group chats.  No more need be said...XD
  • YouTube videos that make me laugh so hard I can't breathe
  • sewing problems
  • trying to finish the whole first season of Once Upon A Time before midnight on Fat Tuesday
  • being compared to a duck (that was definitely a first for me XD)
  • not realizing how wrinkled my skirt was until I uploaded these pictures =/


  • the new Ed Sheeran album
  • finally getting myself a beauty blender to try, and OH MY WORD...=D
  • my hair finally being long enough to braid without it looking strange
  • poetry ;) 
  • spicy fried chicken 
  • planning out a flower garden
  • re-reading "At The Foot Of The Cross" by Father Faber (PHENOMENAL book!)
  • cleaning out my "hope chest" and finding all sorts of things I've saved since I was little =)

I never used to wear hats before, but now I find myself trying to find ways to wear one of my hats every time I leave the house XD.  Maybe it's because they're so convenient and save me the time I'd normally spend fixing my hair, or maybe it's because they just look classy...I don't know which, but I do know I will be adding to my collection as soon as possible ;P.  Next on my wish list is a dark cranberry colored fedora :).

//Outfit Details//
Shirt: Old Navy/Old
Skirt: Thrift Store/Land's End Brand
Scarf: Gift

I hope you're all having a blessed Lent!
Let me know what was awesome or awkward for you this week in the comments! =)

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