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丨Sunday Style/ Veiling丨

by - March 20, 2017

Hi there, ya'll =)
This morning I woke before dawn and was able to watch the sun rise...as sleepy as I am now, it was so, so worth it to be able to hear the birds and see the whole sky tinted with pink.  I don't get to see sunrises very often, so I try to enjoy them whenever I can.

Today I thought I'd write a bit on a topic that is should be an important one for all Catholic women and girls, but is overlooked for the most part today; namely, the tradition of women and girls veiling or covering their heads when in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.  (I am going to avoid bringing up the argument about whether or not it is still required by church law to cover your head in church because I find it more fruitful to explain to a person why it would be best to do something, as opposed to telling them they have to do it.  None of us greatly like being told what to do (myself included), and take more kindly to being shown why something is good, rather than being given a command.  Also, the question of whether or not it is still required tends to cause more heated arguments than fruitful debates, and I'd like to avoid that as much as possible.) 
This tradition has been ignored, and even abhorred, by women of the last couple of generations mainly because of an ignorant or twisted view of why it was done, or because of a lack of understanding of why women of past generations so loved their veils and wore them proudly.  When a woman covers her head, it is not (despite what the feminists would like us to believe) a sign of degradation, shame, or meant to portray her as any less of worth than a man.  It is in fact an outward way of portraying her dignity as one who is capable of bringing another life into the world, and her humility in the presence of God.  Traditionally, holy or sacred things were always covered with a veil or curtain.  The Holy of Holies in the Jewish Temple was always hidden from the world by a curtain, in all approved apparitions of Our Lady she is veiled, and the Tabernacle in which Our Lord resides, hidden in the Blessed Sacrament, is kept is covered with a veil, just to name a few examples.  Our Lady is proof enough of the veil being a sign of respect; there is no other woman more honored or more deserving of honor in Heaven or Earth, and whenever she is portrayed in art and in all her apparitions, she is almost always veiled.  A woman also shows humility by covering her hair in the presence of the Blessed sacrament; a woman's hair is her glory and her pride, by covering it she shows that she knows that whatever beauty or glory she may have is still nothing compared to the majesty of God.  Another lesser (but still important) reason for covering your hair in church is out of charity for your neighbor, namely your male neighbors.  A woman's hair can be very distracting because it is beautiful, and while this is not a bad thing AT ALL, we should help the men around us to focus on Our Lord during Mass and not us.  And this isn't just for the men; I myself have become distracted from my prayers by admiring some young lady's beautiful hair.  It's is one of a woman's greatest charms and beauties, but when in the Presence of God, all focus and admiration should be for Him and Him alone.  There are many, many more reasons for keeping this beautiful tradition, but these are my personal favorites. =)

There many ways of covering your hair for Mass (veils, scarves, hats, etc.), but every woman has her own style, and can follow this tradition in whichever way she likes best. Personally, I love all three options, and generally pick whichever one I like best with my outfit ;P.  My favorite place to purchase gorgeous, high-quality veils is from Robin Nest Lane on Etsy; her veils are the most beautiful and feminine I have ever seen, and very well priced for such exquisite craftsmanship.  This veil is my favorite I have purchased from her; the scarf style looks so lovely and always stays on my head throughout Mass without my having to pin it on. =)

//Outfit Details//
Dress: Florence Adams/ $55.00 (is sold out now)
Heels: J.Cole's/Old
Necklace and Earring: Consignment Store
Veil: Robin Nest Lane

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! =)
How do you feel about wearing a veil or hat in church? Tell me in the comments!

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