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by - February 02, 2017

Hi there, ya'll!
I hope you're all staying well wherever you may be! I'm so grateful I haven't gotten sick this Winter and Autumn, except for a small cold in November.  Yesterday I was in Tulsa all day with my mom and brother grocery shopping, and today I had to go into town again, so I'm pretty tired, but I got some great deals on a few new sweaters at Salvation Army, so I'm happy XD.  I'm wearing my favorite one in the pictures below...


  • seventy degree weather in January 
  • sloooooow internet 
  • my Bulletproof Coffee getting cold...and the coconut oil hardening up on the top...yuck
  • playing the piano and realizing just how badly I need practice
  • long days grocery shopping in Tulsa
  • waking up one morning and wanting almost nothing more than to go swimming...and realizing that it's going to be several months before I actually can -_-
  • birthday gift shopping for a friend, and ending up with three things for myself instead
  • taking down all our Christmas decorations *cries*
  • being asked out to dinner by a complete stranger 
  • typing this whole post only to have it delete itself as soon as I looked away
  • wrecking my parents' car
  • standing next to a stool at a juice bar with my little brother..."That stool is almost as tall as you!" 

Another thing that made me smile this week was my Charming Charlie order coming in! I ordered a few gifts for some friends and some flower hair pins, and I absolutely *love* them! The pink one I'm wore today would be perfect for St. Valentine's Day...they're out of stock right now but they have some similar ones.


  • the latest "Beauty and the Beast"trailer 
  • staying up past midnight with friends 
  • empty journals just begging to be filled with words
  • discussions with friends about which Rom-Com character we each most resemble, in personality at least (mine was Sophie from "Letters To Juliet")
  • homemade fried chicken
  • good hair days
  • clear, starry nights
  • free goodies from L'Occitane XD
  • flower hair pins
  • learning hand-lettering

//Outfit Details//
Sweater: Salvation Army
Camisole: Forever 21/Old
Maxi Skirt: Thrift Store/Old
Leather Boots: JustFab

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