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//Awkward/Awesome|Lazer tag//

by - February 09, 2017

Hi there, ya'll! =)

It's so beautiful outside and it feels like Spring already! I've spent most of the day outside or in front of an open window ;).  At the moment I'm about to head back outdoors to finish fixing up my "new" antique mirror, but first I thought I'd update you all on what's been awkward or awesome this week for me.  Yesterday some friends met us at a lazer tag arena for a sort of going away party for my brother who is moving to a different city next week, and I made the mistake of wearing a grey sweater...the black-lights made it glow and to say I was an easy target would be putting it mildly -_-.  Next time, I think I'll just wear all black to be safe...
This is one of my emergency outfits; when I can't find anything else to wear, I throw on an outfit like this that I know I like and will be comfortable.  Simple, but still decent looking, and can be dressed up or down pretty much by just wearing different shoes.  When I wear a more casual outfit like this one, I always add some fancy looking earrings to make it look more feminine...actually, I just love earrings, so I wear them anyway ;P.


  • several people in our dance class (including Yours Truly) showing up in turquoise shirts on the same day
  • my dog trying to lick off all the paint I had just painted on a new mirror
  • a terrible stomach flu going all over the state and now circling ominously throughout our community 
  • getting thirteenth place in lazer tag (I was ambushed -_-)
  • very deep discussions with a friend about whether Batman is better than Deathstroke XD
  • singing in the car by myself while I wait for my brother
  • checking out a book from the library and then completely forgetting about it for a week
  • realizing I may have a serious addiction to pictures of kitchens on Pinterest


  • sewing projects that turn out wonderfully
  • amazing deals on new decor for my room
  • a painting of the Eiffel tower that a friend brought me from Paris
  • long walks with friends
  • new pens to practice hand lettering with
  • completing my new blog header 
  • visiting my favorite antique store for the first time in months
  • getting ready for a trip back to Texas *internal scream of excitement*
  • Hawaiian Pizza with bacon on top...so yummy

//Outfit Details//
Cardigan: Goodwill
Skirt: Thrift Store/Land's End brand
Shoes: Sperry's

I hope you're all doing well and enjoying your week! =)

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