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| Sunday Style / Wardrobe Changes |

by - July 10, 2017

 Hi there, ya'll!
I don't wear my hair up very often, but this Sunday I was in a hurry and didn't have time to curl it.  This has to be the "messiest of all messy buns", but luckily my veil covered it most of the day and kept me from looking too much like a hobo. XD

Several months ago I shared one of my veils from Robin Nest Lane (you can see it here), and this one is so pretty I had to share it with ya'll, too! You may have noticed my slight (cough) obsession with scarves. Until last year, I thought they were only appropriate for the colder months, though, so I only wore them during Fall and Winter.  This year I decided to experiment a bit with silk and lace scarves and see how they fit in with my wardrobe.  So far, I AM IN LOVE!!! I keep asking myself "Why did I never try these before?!" They're so much lighter and cooler than the cashmere or wool scarves I normally wear, and they just look so feminine! Plus, they add the perfect Grace Kelly touch to almost any outfit.  I own at least six of theses scarf/veils from Robin Nest Lane, in several different colors, but my favorites are definitely the rose and this navy one. I love that I can use it as a veil for Mass, and then as a beautiful scarf afterwards! 

(Tabasco kept trying to sneak in all of my pictures XD 
This is the only one in which he was successful #divakitty)

Another wardrobe alteration I made this year was switching my preference from silver jewelry to gold.  For some reason, I never liked gold jewelry, and avoided it like a fashion faux pas, and I have no explanation for feeling that way; I just had a completely unreasonable abhorrence of it! Last winter, though, I decided to try wearing a pair of gold earrings because I loved the style, but they didn't come in silver.  Of course as soon as I wore them, I realized how narrow minded and ridiculous I had been by avoiding wearing anything gold, and fell in love with them.  Now I wear more gold jewelry than any other color. XD The earrings I'm wearing in the pictures are from LuLu's, and I believe they are sold out now, unfortunately, but you can find similar ones here.  

//Outfit Details//
Cardigan: Thrift store/Old Navy Brand
Skirt: ThredUp/Old
Sandals: GoodWill/Old
Scarf: Robin Nest Lane/ $25.00
Earrings: LuLu's (sold out, similar here)
Necklace: Gift

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying your summer so far!
Have you made any wardrobe or style changes recently? =)

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