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| Sunday Style / Piper Dress |

by - July 17, 2017

Hi there, ya'll! =)
You know those weekends were you think you're going have a relaxing week ahead of you, and then, BAM! that plan just goes out the window? That was me this weekend.  I went from having nothing planned this whole week, to dance class tonight, babysitting tomorrow, shopping all day Wednesday, babysitting for another family Thursday, and then another possible shopping trip on Friday.  This introvert is going to be seriously past her social exposure limits by Saturday. XD

When I first purchased this dress from Neesee's Dresses, I was tempted to send it back and exchange it for another because the length wasn't very flattering on me, and the top was too snug for my modesty standards, but in the end I decided to keep it and try to work with it.  I'm so glad I did, because it's given me an opportunity to experiment with different ways to make clothes more flattering and becoming, instead of just giving up and purchasing something new.  I didn't have time to shorten it, so to fix the problem temporarily I wore nude heels to give me more height and make my legs look a little longer.  To cover the top, I wore my pink infinity scarf and it worked perfectly (shout out to my dear friends who gave me this scarf for my birthday ;)).  I was afraid at first the scarf would make the outfit look too "wintery", but I really loved how it turned out!

For the record, my brother called this my "cotton candy" outfit XD.

Fwuffles kept trying to get my attention while we were taking pictures, so we had to let her be in at least one XD.

//Outfit Details//
Dress: Neesee's Dresses (sold out in this color)/$39.99
Infinity Scarf: Gift
Heels: J.Cole's/ $50.00
Earrings: Consignment Shop

How was your weekend?
What are some tricks you use to make an outfit more flattering/modest?
Have a wonderful week! =)

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