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| Ways To Make Any Outfit Look More Stylish |

by - July 14, 2017

Hi there, ya'll! =)
Today I thought I'd share a few tips for making an outfit more stylish, with as little work or added time as possible.  I generally don't have very much time to get ready to go somewhere, so I have come up with a few little details to add that make me look like I spent a lot longer on getting dressed than I actually did ;).  I hope you enjoy!


Every girl has a different opinion when it comes to whether they wear lipstick, lip gloss, or both.  Personally, I'm a lipstick kind of girl and don't wear gloss very often, but that's just me.  If you're looking for a quick way to add some glam and style to your outfit, though, or just want to feel more dressed up, lipstick is your best friend.  Adding color to your lips also makes you look more awake and dressed up, even when your clothes aren't necessarily dressy.  Plus, what girl doesn't feel more like a lady as soon as she puts on her lipstick?  

Nail Polish

Obviously one doesn't have to wear nail polish every time you leave the house, but when your nails are painted to match or contrast with your outfit, it just adds such a perfect, feminine touch.  Sometimes it can be the very thing to pull your whole outfit together.  When a woman's nails are manicured and neat, it automatically gives the person who sees her the impression that she put extra effort into her appearance, whether they even realize her nails are painted or not (it's a subconscious response).  When you wear sandals, you should ALWAYS make sure your toes are manicured and neat, even if you don't paint them.  If you do paint them, make sure the color matches the color scheme of your outfit and doesn't clash.  If colored nails aren't your thing, use clear polish to add a little bit of shine.  My favorite nail polish brands are Pacifica and Mineral Fusion because they don't have any nasty chemicals or harmful ingredients that I'd feel unsafe putting on my body, but they're still very affordable :).  In the picture, I'm wearing "Blushing Bunnies" by Pacifica (I love that name, haha XD)...you can purchase it and other colors here.


Everyone knows how much I adore scarves! They are so simple to style and add such a classy touch to almost anything you wear them with.  I especially love to use them when I'm wearing a t-shirt and want to dress it up a bit.  Whether you use a cashmere blanket style, a silk Grace Kelley style, or an infinity style, it adds a classy touch to your outfit and makes you appear to have spent more time putting it together, while still looking effortless.  From a modesty point of view, scarves are a lifesaver! They cover too low necklines and too snug blouses, as well as many other modesty problems (not to mention stains!). And they make you feel more Parisian, so it's a no-lose situation. ;)


I had my ears pierced on my sixth birthday, and to be honest, I don't think I've left the house without wearing a pair since then (even if they were just studs).  When my outfit isn't feminine enough for my liking, my quickest solution is putting on some sparkly, dangling earrings, and I never feel completely ready until I do.  There's something so utterly feminine about earrings, don't you think?   


Hats are much more tricky to style than most accessories, because whether they compliment your outfit or not depends a lot on getting the right hat for your outfit, as well as face shape and hair style.  I find that cloches and floppy styles look better on me than fedoras or other styles, for example.  If you can find a hat that flatters your face and hair, than you are in luck! Hats are a great way to add a little sophistication to any outfit; no matter where you are going or what you may be doing, a pretty hat is almost always appropriate.  Even a baseball cap can be made feminine with the right outfit and accessories (baseball caps are the easiest to style because they are flattering on practically every woman).  Plus, they help conceal bad hair days and tired eyes! =D Amazon has the largest and best selection of stylish and affordable hats I've found so far; I purchase most of my own hats from Amazon.

I hope this was helpful to you, or at least entertaining for you to scroll through!
What are some of your favorite accessories to use? =)

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