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by - January 25, 2017

Hi there, ya'll!=)
It is a bee-yu-ti-ful day today! The sun is shining, a strong wind is blowing, and it's just cold enough for a coat, but not so cold that you're shivering.  For this outfit, I layered a chunky sweater over my favorite black dress and added the scarf to give it more flattering look.  This dress is perfect for gusty days because the skirt is hardly flared at all and doesn't blow much in the wind, which is always a bonus in my book.  I *love* really flared and full skirts and dresses, but they tend to fly up at the slightest breeze, so I generally stick with straighter silhouettes. 


  • exercising for the first time since before Thanksgiving...*grooooaaaaaannnn* I'm so sore...
  • explaining to a young friend that no, my fifteen year brother is not older than me. and, yes, despite appearances, I really, truly am in my twenties
  •  debating back and forth with myself about whether or not I really want that dress from ThredUp...out loud
  • asking my mom to rent the second "Pirates Of The Caribbean" movie, and ending up buying the collectors edition of the whole series because, well, why not?
  • taking outfit pictures in the rain
  • wearing very slippery shoes to dance class and nearly falling flat on my face every time I took a step
  • half the dance class practicing the jig step while the other half watched (and laughed, of course ;P)
  • my brother stealing my shower gel because it smells so nice XD


  • some dear friends getting me "Death In Zanzibar" by M.M.Kay for my birthday
  • re-watching all my favorite "FitzSimmons" moments from season one of Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • my brother's chocolate chip cookies
  • redecorating my room (thank you, Pinterest!)
  • new shoes for dancing
  • finding the box of caramels I received for Christmas and apparently forgot all about after putting them in a drawer
  • my new Cherry Blossom perfume from L'Occitane
  • planning our (verrrrrry late) Christmas party
  • walks on sunny days

//Outfit Details//
Sweater: ThredUp/ $5.00
Dress: Consignment Store/$1.50
Leggings: Kohls/Old
Boots: Amazon/Old
Scarf: Gift
Earrings: Consignment Store

Tell me what's been awkward or awesome for you this week in the comments!

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