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by - May 19, 2017

Hi there, ya'll! =)

How have you all been spending your week? Now that the rain has been slowing down, and we have more sunny days than stormy, we've finally been back to working on making our yard look beautiful.  My dad and brother finally hung my window boxes up for me, and I'm planning to plant some petunias (try saying that five times really fast ;P) in them this weekend, as well as various other flowers and vines.  And, of course, I have more rose bushes to plant around the house, because, in my opinion, one can never have too many roses.

I'd heard about Neesee's Dresses from several other bloggers over the last few months and scrolled through their website a few times looking for something to catch my eye and that I wouldn't feel guilty about purchasing full price (this girl does most of her shopping at thrift stores, and it is almost physically painful for me to pay full price now XD).  A few weeks ago, though, I was looking through their formal dresses, and absolutely fell. in. love. with one in particular.  I had a formal ball to attend later that week, so I purchased it immediately without feeling too guilty about it.  Unfortunately, though the dress shipped very quickly and I received it in time for the ball, it was just a little bit too small, so I wasn't able to wear it for the ball.  I was able to exchange it for the correct size, and decided to throw another, more casual, one in my cart as well.  In my original purchase, they included a coupon code for a free maxi dress when I spent a certain amount on their site, so I ended up with *three* new, pretty dresses =D.  Let me tell you, this girl is a happy lady right now.  I'll share a post about my new, bee-yu-tee-ful, formal dress in the coming weeks so ya'll can see it too :).


  • allergies
  • Mishka finding a centipede and apparently thinking I'd love it as a present
  • red nail polish that stains my feet and not just my nails
  • someone who was MAYBE three years older than me asking me if I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up #shortgirlproblems XD
  • my friend simply texting "ice cream" when he's trying to get my attention...and it working
  • getting my dad to watch "Once Upon A Time" with me.  Not his kind of show, apparently, haha
  • going to a swimming party right after Mass...I couldn't get my face wet because I didn't think to wash off my mascara beforehand XD
  • a terrific thunderstorm that knocked out all our power for about five hours


  • packages in the mail
  • new dresses from Neesee's Dresses (including one for free!)
  • birds singing outside my window every morning
  • our long driveway smelling like honeysuckles...I have no idea why, because I can't find any honeysuckles at all, but it smells sooooo lovely
  • playing hide and seek with a friend's little boy at the park
  • a little girl I know running up to give me a hug and see if I liked her dress as I was leaving Mass =)
  • a dear friend coming to spend the night with us as a surprise while we were in Texas

//Outfit Details//
Blouse: Thrift Store
Earrings: Cato's (old)
Shoes: Amazon

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend!
Tell me what was awkward or awesome about your week in the comments!
God bless...=)

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