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| Sunday Style | Why I Only Wear Dresses/Skirts |

by - April 10, 2017

Hi there. ya'll! =)
Those who knew about my desperate search for new shoes, you may rest easy now, knowing that I have finally found the perfect pair of black shoes.  This is the first time I have ever owned a pair of "pointed toe" shoes, and I am absolutely in love with how they look! My friends have been teasing me about them for the past couple of weeks (they say they're so pointed they can double as weapons of self defense XD), but I don't think I'll ever go back to rounded toe shoes again.  I just adore the bows on this pair...It softens the look and makes them so much more feminine and pretty.  These come in a few different colors and were decently priced, so I'll probably try to grab a few more pairs before summer :).

By now you've probably noticed that I pretty much always wear skirts or dresses, as opposed to pants or shorts, and today I thought I'd share my reasons for this with you all.  I'd like to clarify beforehand that I do not consider it a sin for women to wear pants, if they aren't too tight or revealing.  I've seen many women style their jeans in modest ways that I found to be really creative, and I think that it's really up to each woman to decide whether or not she wears pants or a skirt.  This post is not meant to point any fingers or make anyone feel uncomfortable; everyone has their own views and opinions and I am merely sharing my own on this subject. I personally choose to wear skirts and dresses because, first of all, I feel they look more feminine and encourage a woman to behave in more ladylike manner. while jeans tend to encourage a woman to be less aware how she is moving, sitting, etc.  There's something about wearing a dress or skirt that makes women of any age feel like a lady, and she almost subconsciously begins to act more like a lady the more often she dresses like one.  More women acting like ladies certainly won't hurt our world, and would be a wonderful improvement, to be honest.

Another reason I wear dresses and skirts is because I prefer looking more feminine and dressed up when I am going somewhere.  We live in a world of sweat pants, hoodies, messy hair, and almost no care is given to what kind of image we are presenting.  As women (this goes for men too, but this post is intended for women and girls), when we go out in public we are representing, not only ourselves, but our families, our religion, and our society.  When we look like we just rolled out of bed, what kind of message are we sending? That we really don't feel ourselves to be deserving of any respect, or that we don't care enough about what people will think of our families when they see us looking sloppy? On the other hand, when we look put together, feminine, and like we put at least a little effort into our appearance, we send a much different message to all that see us.  One also has to consider why it became popular for women to begin wearing what was once considered men's clothing in the first place. In bygone days, women wore skirts and dresses, and men wore trousers.  If a woman had to do a man's work (for example, running a farm, repairing her home, or something else that would be difficult or dangerous to do in a skirt) she would wear a man's clothes to make it simpler and safer to do.  The only women who wore pants in public or as everyday apparel were feminists who wanted to make a point that they could act and look just like a man.  As feminism became more popular and took over our country, more and more women joined in on the trend of dressing like men because they felt it "liberated" them from the so-called "oppressive" life they'd had before.  Celebrities and women in positions of respect began pushing the agenda that wearing a skirt or dress was outdated and a way of oppressing women, and, sadly, women listened and believed them.  Now, as a result, femininity and womanhood are looked down upon and flat out attacked on every side.  We should be showing how beautiful femininity truly is by our appearance and behavior as often as possible to combat this false mentality! Most young girls today have no idea what femininity even looks like anymore because these days, according to the media and Hollywood, wearing skirts and dresses make you either a Regina George or an Elle Woods, and wearing jeans and shorts make you an empowered, intelligent, human being (not a woman, mind you, because that would be supposing your gender).  When skirts are worn, they must be as short as possible to avoid being frowned upon, and by no means are you to let it make you feel like a woman, because that's a symptom of being oppressed.  Is it any wonder that there is so much "gender confusion" among children now, when there is no clear line drawn between the genders? Girls can wear boy's clothes, and boys can wear girl's clothes, and it makes no difference.  Obviously I'm not saying this is the only reason we have all the gender confusion now, but I do believe it is a big part of the problem.  As women, it is our job to turn civilization back on the right track by our example.  Most women don't want to hear this nowadays, but we have a lot of influence over men, and have a responsibility to make the society we live in a good one.  Men have a responsibility to do their part, too, but it is a well known fact that the morality of a society depends almost completely on the morality of the women who live in it.  We shape the future generations, we influence the men around us for better or worse, and we are the visible representation of what our families, country, and church believe.  Whether we like it or not, we cannot change this fact; it is the way God made us.

I hope I was able to explain this in a way that helps you see why dressing in a feminine way is something beautiful, and didn't just make you yawn with how long this post was ;P.  This is an issue I feel very strongly about, and is one of the main reasons I started this blog.  I hope I can show other women and girls that it really is very easy to wear skirts and dresses, and that they don't restrict you from doing anything that you would normally do in jeans.  I haven't really worn pants since I was twelve years old, and have yet to find anything I cannot do in a skirt.  It's just a matter of wearing the right kind of skirt for whatever it is you want to do.  Anyways, I hope this post will encourage you to at least think about adding some skirts and dresses to your closet. ;)

//Outfit Details//
Blouse: Magically appeared in my closet; I have NO IDEA where it came from XD
Skirt: Thrift Store
Shoes: Amazon/$38.99

Have a wonderful week! =)
Tell me what your views on wearing skirts and dresses are in the comments...
God bless!

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