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| Sunday Style / Trinity Sunday |

by - June 12, 2017

Hi there, ya'll! =)
Happy Trinity Sunday! We were blessed to be able to attend a Pontifical High Mass this Sunday, celebrated by His Excellency Bishop Conley of Nebraska, and it was so beautiful! Between the chanting of our monks, the music from the organ, and the smell of the incense, I felt like I was in Heaven already!

You may recognize this dress from a few Sundays back when I wore it here.  This weekend I decided to freshen the dress up a bit by converting it from a maxi dress to a midi dress, and taking it in a little. Now, I have a sort-of-pretty-much-new dress for Summer that will hopefully last me a few more years! I'm telling you, every girl should learn at least the basics of sewing.  It will help you in so many areas of life, and save you so much time and money!

In case you haven't noticed yet, I tend to wear blue A LOT.  I actually hadn't really noticed until I started this blog, but after spending a couple of hours a week taking and editing photos of my outfits, I find myself analyzing my clothing selections a lot more than I did before, and I've begun to notice patterns.  For example, I've noticed when I'm not feeling well, having a bad hair day, or am short on time, I always reach for something blue.  When I'm nervous or feel overwhelmed, I always reach for something black.  When I am feeling on top of the world, I'll wear something with bold patterns or put together an outfit I've never worn before.  This is probably because blue is my favorite color and seeing it makes me feel better instantly, black makes me feel more invisible, and wearing colors, patterns, or styles that I've never tried before feels exciting! Well, at least to me it is, haha ;P.  My point is that what we wear is often a reflection of how we feel, whether we intend it or not.  I find myself analyzing my friend's outfits and noticing patterns now (that's not creepy, is it? XD) as well.  If you pay attention to movies and TV shows, you can see how the stylists use the costumes of the characters to tell you about what kind of person they are and how they're feeling before they even say a word! As the character grows and changes, their wardrobe changes as well.  I've probably lost you all with my crazy interest in the science of outfits by now, but I just thought it was really interesting.  There are so many parts of us that we never even think about, but are so important to our unique personality! It never ceases to amaze me how truly unique each person really is!

//Outfit Details//
Dress: Made by me
Jacket: Originally from a thrift store, but I took it apart and remade it into a more flattering style
Shoes: J. Cole's/Old
Scarf: Gift

Hope you're all staying cool and taking care! What are your thoughts on "the science of outfits", as I like to call it? Do you notice any patterns in what you wear or what your friends wear?
Have a lovely week and God bless! =)

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